Hans Josephsohn – A Body of Work

August 17, 2012

Thomas Houseago and Hans Ulrich Obrist at Lismore Castle Arts, May 2012.

Kilimanjaro is proud to announce its forthcoming release with Hauser & Wirth

An edition to commemorate the show of the sculptor Hans Josephsohn at Lismore Castle Arts in Ireland.

Featuring: Gerhard Mack, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Iwan Wirth, Joe Fyfe, Caiomhín Mac Giolla Léith, Thomas Houseago, Matthew Day Jackson, Rashid Johnson & more.


Laura Burlington, Matthew Day Jackson and Rashid Johnson at Lismore Castle Arts, May 2012.

Iwan Wirth, Matthew Day Jackson, Rashid Johnson and Thomas Houseago at Lismore Castle Arts, May 2012.

Caiomhín Mac Giolla Léith at Lismore Castle Arts, May 2012.

“I think the thing which makes [his work] important,” explains Artistic Director of the Kunsthalle Zurich, Beatrix Ruf, “is the way in which he is totally independent: he was doing his work and doing his research without being irritated by fashion, or by questions that were directed at sculpture as a medium. Essentially, he is deeply modern.” As a celebration of this spirit, Hauser & Wirth chose to open the show at Lismore Castle with a panel discussion between six art world figures – Thomas Houseago, Rashid Johnson and Matthew Day Jackson, three of their artists, alongside the art critic Hans-Ulrich Obrist, and writer and lecturer Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith. Josephsohn’s influence is far-reaching, despite a lack of mainstream success. Championed by Fischli & Weiss – as well as working with Peter Märkli – his work provides a fertile ground for discussions of art and historical influence: of mentor and mentee, and of owing a debt to the medium’s earliest masters.

“A recipe,” says Iwan Wirth, “you put together very carefully. And with a gallery program, it is the very same thing – very sweet, and very sour; very old, and very young.” With this publication, Kilimanjaro has hoped to achieve the same effect. Some young, some old, some sweet and some sour; some architecture and some art; some figures, and some half-figures: the essential DNA of an artist, and the lineage of a body of work.

- from “Hans Josephsohn – A Body of Work,” Kilimanjaro edition 14.

Josephsohn runs at Lismore Castle Arts until 30th September, 2012.

All images: stills from a video by Philippe Gerlach.

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