La Guerre du Feu

March 8, 2012

A distinctive collaboration between French artists Estelle Hanania and Christophe Brunnquell, two years in the making, will be unveiled next month at the 12 Mail / Red Bull Space in Paris.  Chrisophe Brunnquell, artistic director for Purple Fashion, allows access into an element of his multi-faceted career, drawing inspiration from Estelle Hanania, whose dedication to photography has led her to document a sporadic pictorial of daily life, while also working with various magazines such as Vice, Wire, Sang Bleu and Capricious.

The combination of both Hanania and Brunnquell’s instinct plays an important role in their exhibition, La Guerre du Feu (The War of Fire), in which they create a portrait of the “crude world they present today.”  The element of performance in both artists’ interaction with live models makes for unprecedented outcomes, letting ideas that are sketched out before the shoot flourish in any form.

Power bounces between the partnership, with Brunnquell often stubbornly negating the models to cause a visceral response, forcing them to attempt to find their place. Hanania will then take over, with her use of masks and raw art defacing the figures and developing upon abstract visuals. What emerges becomes deeply sexual and animalistic, responding exactly to the instructions of the mind, and living out their dreams.

12Mail will publish 1000 limited editions of La Guerre du Feu designed by Estelle Hanani and Christophe Brunnquell themselves.

April 5th to June 1st 2012, 12Mail, Paris.

For more information about the upcoming exhibit see here.




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