Matthew Collings & Emma Biggs

January 3, 2012

Our friend Matthew Collings, featured in the first issue of our brother publication Matter, and his collaborative partner Emma Biggs will showcase a selection of innovative large-scale paintings at Vigo Gallery from January 13th. 

Biggs and Collings: The Whole Earth,Vigo gallery, 13 January – 10 February 2012

“Highly acclaimed collaborative artists Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings are internationally renowned for their works on canvas and in mosaic. Opening on 13 January 2012 at Vigo Gallery, the artists will show a selection of innovative large-scale paintings. Deliberately choosing to promote abstract values, their work reveals a deep understanding of modern and pre-modern art. It connects to the physical, sensual world. They believe colour and form in painting can

produce a structural space that is like observable reality. Instead of depicting recognizable objects they use colour, pattern and repetition to create complex images that seem truthful about the sensation of seeing. In this exhibition, Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings present their most important artistic statement to date, with eight major new pieces which amount to a virtual manifesto of their art.”











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