Michael Stutz – Circuits of the Wind

February 21, 2012

As is with the breed of fine American writers, the capacity to dream and hope is as much apart of the writer’s genetic makeup as it is of the literary tradition itself. The desire to reach the unfathomable has always been (more...)

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We Love Phillip Lai

January 30, 2012

Phillip Lai at ModernArt:  13 January  -11 February

Phillip Lai’s work emerges from within different guises, but never strays from the central overriding theme. Lai’s return to Modern Art for the fourth time, much like (more...)

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We Love – Samsung Art+ Prize

January 9, 2012

Samsung’s Art+ Prize is the first media art competition in the UK. It aims to highlight artists whose work engages with the ways that modern technologies can touch our lives, as well as expanding and challenging our understanding of the role of new media. (more…)

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Architecture – Ice Cube Can Do It

December 12, 2011

“A lot of people think LA is just eyesore after eyesore… They don’t know the LA I know. One man’s eyesore is another man’s paradise.” Ice Cube pays homage to (more...)

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We Love – Henry Roy

December 5, 2011

Henry Roy shoots a photo a day of someone he loves, desires or admires. (more…)

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We Love – Brad Moore

December 5, 2011

Brad Moore’s portraits of suburban California seem to capture the shrubbery creeping up on its post-war architecture. (more…)

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We Love – Sarah Lucas Google Find

November 7, 2011

Our favourite Sarah Lucas Google find


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We love — Joël Tettamanti

September 29, 2011

Joël Tettamanti’s photos of far off lands hold a rawness and clarity unlike any other. He captures scenes that hold a eerie stillness, many of which give centre stage to irregular structures portrayed with an honesty to form. Many are ugly, built for (more...)

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Issue 13 — A Love Letter To Roni Horn is now SOLD OUT

September 28, 2011

Issue 13 of Kilimanjaro is an unofficial catalogue of sorts, whose theme is A Love Letter To Roni Horn; it is the first edition of the magazine which has been created with a single artist, and is (more...)

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We Love — Semina

July 5, 2011

“The format was a letterpress text printed on loose sheets of paper, poetry, and photographs…


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