Architecture – Ice Cube Can Do It

December 12, 2011

“A lot of people think LA is just eyesore after eyesore… They don’t know the LA I know. One man’s eyesore is another man’s paradise.” Ice Cube pays homage to Californian architecture in short film.

Ice Cube studied architectural drafting prior to hitting it big as a rapper:  ”I haven’t been on my architect game in 25 years…You don’t want to live in nothing I draw. I got a certificate. For a year. In ’88. I don’t think I picked up a T-square since.” However his passion for the built environment remains, especially the work of the architects, husband and wife duo Charles and Ray Eames. “The Eames made structure and nature one. This is going green 1949 style. Believe that… It’s not about the pieces, it’s how the pieces work together, you know, taking something that already exists and making it something special… kinda like sampling.”

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