Waters, Still

An interview with John Waters by Tim Burrows, Issue 13.


On the evening after the most widespread day of the rioting and looting that swept London and other major UK cities in August, the director John Waters sounds thrilled to be connected – albeit only by telephone – to the place where it’s all kicking off. “When people ask me what my type is, I always say, ‘a yob’,” he explains, deliciously elongating the word.


A Kind Of You

By Adrian Searle, Issue 13.


This is me, this is you. This is how I was, this is how I am. Does this look like me, does this look like you? Is it a good likeness? Time has passed, but your image still stares back at me, and I look at how you were. It’s a kind of you. How will we look, in years to come? Will we still be here? What’s the weather like, where you are?


Making Love to Architecture

Ben Clement & Sebastian de la Cour, Issue 12

On the 17th of June, 1979 a 25-year-old Swedish woman named Eija-Riitta Erklöff got married to the Berlin Wall. The ceremony on Groß-Ziethener Straße was witnessed by a small group of friends and was performed with the help of an understanding man who channeled vows on behalf of the wall. As the pioneer of the term ‘Objectum-Sexuality’, Eija-Riitta put a name to her attraction to objects, buildings and structures that she sees as sexual, loving and reciprocal – insofar as all objects are, in her view, sentient beings with souls. (more…)

AA Bronson Interviewed

James Brook, July 2010

James Brook: We’ve spoken before about the idea of gangs and how that might relate to growing up gay, being viewed as outsiders and feeing a need to belong. General Idea seemed like a great gang to be part of and with Printed Matter you’ve created this wonderful family of outsiders, artists, writers and publishers. Was this something that happened organically or was it something that you set out to achieve when you became director? (more…)

Ever Contemporary

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Issue 11

Of whom and of what are we contemporaries? What does it mean to be contemporary?
— Giorgio Agamben (more…)

Body of Art

Hannah Forbes Black, Issue 11

Charles Ray is giving me a pain in my stomach. He is doing this by giving himself a pain in his stomach. I can map my own body onto his. I know where the pressure is, where the blood is pooling in the limbs – or I think I know. My knowledge of Ray’s body is an act of faith, supported by the reality of my own body. I reach through the solidity of my own body, its dense flesh, its pains and pleasures, to give shape to the formless mist of another person’s body. (more…)

Atemporality For The Creative Artist

Bruce Sterling, Issue 10

The following is an edited transcript of a speech given by Bruce Sterling at Transmediale 10, Berlin, 6 February 2010. (more…)